Manual of Squint


Ahuja (Author)

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This book helps to understand the ocular muscles and their functional anomalies. It explains how surgeons by applying knowledge with efficiency and dedication could find solution to the squint problem. Contains diagrams, figures, and photographs to appropriately understand the subject. Postgraduates will be benefitted immensely not only during the course of formal study but also subsequently in their practice. It is a standard book on strabismus for postgraduates. The chapters on applied anatomy of paralytic squint are of very special significance to the student and practitioners of Ophthalmology. 1. Introduction, 2. Anatomy of Extraocular Muscles, 3.Neurological Control Movements, 4. Binocular Vision, 5. Visual Acuity, 6. Abnormalities of Binocular Vision, 7. Accommodative Convergence/Accommodation Ratio, 8. Heterophoria, 9. Pseudostrabismus, 10. Manifest and Concomitant Squint, 11. Paralytic Squints, 12. Vertical Strabismus, 13. A-V and X Syndromes, 14. Musculofascial Anomalies, 15. Abnormal Retinal Correspondance, 16. Amblyopia, 17. Aniseikonia, 18. Nystagmus,


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  1. Dr Bamala: from Spain , just to say thank you very much for your work. Many of us do use this web , it is a present. thanks

  2. the password is basmala.thank you so very much for this great help..can we please have albert n jacobie’s all volumes also? please sir.

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