Review Questions in Ophthalmology: A Question and Answer Book


Clinical and Experimental Opthalmology, Volume 34 — “The latest edition of Review Questions in Ophthalmology is a comprehensive question and answer book aimed primarily at ophthalmology registrars approaching final examinations. All the information is presented in a multiple-choice format with clear and concise explanations provided at the end of each chapter. There is an emphasis on case-based scenarios. The book is illustrated with both colour and black and white photographs including clinical photographs, imaging and fluoroscein angiograms. Overall, I found this to be a comprehensive text that would be a useful self-assessment tool for registrars approaching final examinations. The clinically orientated and pathology sections are excellent and the multiple-choice format is a nice break from reading didactic texts.”

Product Description

Updated for its Second Edition, this question-and-answer review book offers a concise review of ophthalmology. It combines a review of basic ophthalmology with real-life clinical cases and multiple-choice questions with answers and explanations. More than 400 clinical photographs, fluorescein angiograms, and CT, MRI, and ultrasound images help readers master this visually oriented specialty. This edition has over 100 new full-color illustrations. Focusing on common diseases, the book covers all specialty rotations, plus key areas such as embryology, anatomy, pediatrics, plastics, and lenses. This edition includes new cases and information on new drugs, especially glaucoma drugs.
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40 Responses to Review Questions in Ophthalmology: A Question and Answer Book

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  2. How do I convert it to PDF.
    Do I need to read it with ISILO ? Please tell me it's not that way.

    Thank you for your efforts of providing us with great eye books.

  3. Hey Dr.Amr,

    I hate to tell you that the format is ISILO and not .CHM
    I DLed the FIle and it's a .pdb that can only be opened with ISILO and no CHM reader.
    Isilo is too propietary. And I have not found any way to convert it to pdf.
    Any help is still very much appreciated.

  4. sorry I thought you are talking about "Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Review Manual for Ophthalmology". you are right…
    you can open it only with isilo….

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  6. Hello.
    U are doing great job first of all.
    This book is in site is down from days. So please can u upload in some other good site or send to my email id.
    Thank u.

  7. Hello.
    First of all u are doing great job.
    This review book site is down from days. So can u plz upload in any other site or send to my email id. I really need it soon. Hope u understand. Thanks.

  8. thank you very much for all you ar doing for us . Please can you upload this book in any other site , i cant download it ,i need it for my exam .hope you understand . thanks in advance )

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