Elevation Based Corneal Tomography

Michael W. Belin – MD FACS (Author), Stephen S. Khachikian – MD (Author), Renato Ambrosio Jr. – MD PhD (Author), Michael W. Belin (Editor), Stephen S. Khachikian (Editor), Renato Ambrosio Jr. (Editor)



Book Description
Publication Date: June 20, 2012 | ISBN-10: 9962678536 | ISBN-13: 978-9962678533 | Edition: Second
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2: Evolution of Topographic / Tomographic Imaging
Chapter 3: Understanding Elevation Based Topography: How Elevation Data is Displayed
Chapter 4: The Importance of Understanding the Reference Surface
Chapter 5: Suggested Set-up and Screening Guidelines
Chapter 6: Normative Data for the Oculus Pentacam
Chapter 7: Comprehensive Pachymetric Evaluation
Chapter 8: Keratoconus / Ectasia Detection with a Modified (Enhanced) Reference Surface – Belin / Ambrósio Enhanced Ectasia Display III
Chapter 9: Keratoconus & Ectasia Detection: Asymmetric Keratoconus & Post LASIK Ectasia Study
Chapter 10: Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Improving Tomographic Screening for Ectasia
Chapter 11: Elevation Topography Atlas
Chapter 12: Scheimpflug Images in Clinical Practice
Chapter 13: BESSt 2 Formula for IOL Calculation
Chapter 14: Evaluation of Corneal Optical Quality for Premium IOLs with Pentacam HR
Chapter 15: Scheimpflug Evaluation of Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
Chapter 16: Other Displays
Chapter 17: The Use of Pentacam in a Cataract Practice
Chapter 18: Glossary

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