Emerging Infectious Uveitis


This book reviews the various emerging infectious diseases that show a significant association with uveitis, describing and explaining their ocular manifestations with the aid of color illustrations. In addition, it presents brief reports of further emerging infections that are associated with uveitis in rare cases. The coverage is wide ranging, encompassing diverse emerging bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections. Individual chapters are also devoted to important re-emergent diseases such as syphilis and tuberculosis, with the focus on new data on epidemiology, diagnosis and management.

Emerging infectious diseases are defined as “those whose incidence in humans has increased within the past two decades or threatens to increase in the near future”. Emergence may be due to the spread of a new agent, to the recognition of an infection that has been present in the population but has gone undetected, or to the realization that an established disease has an infectious origin. This book will be an invaluable source of information on all aspects of uveitis in these diseases.

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Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology – Wills Eye Institute – Uveitis


This informative volume is part of the Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology series, developed at Philadelphia’s famed Wills Eye Institute.  This exemplary series combines abundant, high-quality illustrations with a summary approach to the text to provide students, residents, and practitioners in all the healthcare professions with an up-to-date clinical overview of the major areas of ophthalmology.

Each volume in the series addresses a specific ophthalmic subspecialty: Cornea, Retina, Glaucoma, Oculoplastics, Neuroophthalmology, Pediatrics, and Uveitis,

Uveitis is a single-volume, easily accessible resource covering all the major aspects of ocular inflammatory disease, with information presented in a clear, straightforward format consistent with other volumes in the series.

Improve the way you diagnose and manage inflammatory ophthalmic disease.
• Structured coverage of each disorder includes sections on epidemiology and etiology, history, physical examination, differential diagnosis, laboratory and special examinations, diagnosis, prognosis, and management.
• More than 450 full-color illustrations detail the clinical features of each disorder, illustrate pathogenesis, and assist in visual diagnosis.
• Complete coverage includes both the ocular AND systemic manifestations of each disorder to provide a more complete clinical picture.
• A companion website includes fully searchable text, as well as a complete image bank for quick reference

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Curbside Consultation in Uveitis: 49 Clinical Questions


Are you looking for concise, practical answers to those questions that are often left unanswered by traditional references on uveitis? Are you seeking brief, evidence-based advice for the daily examination of patients? Curbside Consultation in Uveitis: 49 Clinical Questions provides quick and direct answers to the thorny questions most commonly posed during a “curbside consultation” between experienced clinicians.

Dr. Stephen Foster has designed this unique reference in which uveitis specialists offer expert advice, preferences, and opinions on tough clinical questions commonly encountered by ophthalmologists, residents, and other health care professionals. The unique Q&A format provides quick access to current information related to uveitis with the simplicity of a conversation between two colleagues. Images, diagrams, and references are included to enhance the text and to illustrate clinical diagnoses and treatment plans.

Curbside Consultation in Uveitis: 49 Clinical Questions provides information basic enough for residents while also incorporating expert pearls that even high-volume ophthalmologists will appreciate. Refractive surgeons, general ophthalmologists, and residents alike will enjoy the user-friendly and casual format.

Some of the questions that are answered:
• How do the results of the Systemic Immunosuppressive Therapy for Eye Disease (SITE) Cohort Study apply to the care of my patients with uveitis?
• How should I evaluate and treat a patient with uveitis?
• How should I treat macular edema in a patient with uveitis?
• How should I treat a pregnant woman with macular threatening toxoplasmosis retinochoroiditis?
• When should I refer a patient with uveitis to a uveitis specialist?

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Uveitis 2E


Uveitis is a complex condition with a variety of causes and clinical manifestations. Certain types are extremely serious and can cause severe ocular morbidity if undetected and untreated. Even experienced ophthalmologists find it a difficult and frustrating condition, with the result that it is often misdiagnosed and mistreated. The wide array of diseases that can affect the uveal tract and the impact of immunological research – with resulting discovery of new uveitis entities – mean that clinicians managing patients with uveitis require a broad knowledge not only of relevant ophthalmology, but also immunology and general medicine. This book is designed to provide trainee and practising ophthalmologists with a user-friendly, up-to-date review of today’s body of knowledge about this difficult condition, and a practical guide to its diagnosis and management. From the foreword to the first edition, written by Jack Kanski: “(This book) presents a complex subject in a logical, systematic and easily digestible manner. I have learned much from reading it myself and some of my rather hazy ideas on the subject have been crystallised. Above all, the book contains lots of common sense. It is an excellent resume of current knowledge which, I am sure, will be extremely useful to consultants, ophthalmologists in training, physicians, and all who deal with uveitis.” Key Points *Extensively revised and updated to include latest management protocols and references *High proportion of clinical photographs new to this edition, drawn from author’s personal collection and reproduced to highest quality *Uveitis 2/e reflects unique experience of the author Nicholas Jones, a superb, world renowned clinician and inspiring teacher who created the Uveitis Clinic at the REH in Manchester, serving the Northwest of England and treating thousands of patients.


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Diagnosis and treatment of uveitis


Uveitis is inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, which is known as the uvea or uveal tract. It is a complex condition with a variety of causes and clinical manifestations, including injury, infection or an underlying condition. This 1200pp second edition brings ophthalmologists fully up to date with the latest developments in diagnosing and treating uveitis. Beginning with the basic principles of the disease, its diagnosis and management, the following sections discuss the treatment of numerous different infectious, non infectious, masquerade and autoimmune syndromes. Basic science, differential diagnosis, pathology and clinical management are discussed for each condition. Written by specialists from the Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution (MERSI) and John A Moran Eye Center in the USA, this comprehensive new edition includes 699 colour images and illustrations. Key points * Comprehensive, second edition bringing ophthalmologists fully up to date with diagnosis and treatment of uveitis * Discusses different uveitis syndromes – infectious, non infectious, masquerade and autoimmune * Authored by US ophthalmic specialists * Includes 699 full colour images and illustrations * First edition published in 2001 by Saunders

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New Treatments in Noninfectious Uveitis (Developments in Ophthalmology)

E. Miserocchi (Editor), G. Modorati (Editor), S. Foster (Editor), F. Bandello (Series Editor)
Book Description
Publication Date: April 30, 2012 | ISBN-10: 3805599862 | ISBN-13: 978-3805599863 | Edition: 1
Uveitis is a potentially blinding inflammatory disease that presents one of the most serious and complicated therapeutic challenges in the field of ophthalmology. During the last decade, the therapeutic armamentarium of the uveitis specialist has enormously expanded. Novel biologic agents and intraocular therapy are becoming a valuable alternative treatment to control ocular inflammatory diseases and inflammatory macular edema — the most important cause of visual loss in patients with uveitis. This publication is designed to bring together the principles of therapy of patients with noninfectious uveitis and the most recent therapeutic options available. General ophthalmologists, uveitis specialists as well as residents will find it a useful update on the latest innovative treatment options for patients with noninfectious uveitis.

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Uveitis: Fundamentals and Clinical Practice

Uveitis: Fundamentals and Clinical Practice: Expert Consult – Online and Print
By Robert B. Nussenblatt MD, Scott M. Whitcup MD

Product Description:

Uveitis is the comprehensive reference you need for a balanced approach to basic science and clinical application. Robert B. Nussenblatt and Scott M. Whitcup provide a cohesive and integrated discussion of the topic, covering everything from the role of surgery to AIDS to anterior uveitis and more. This new edition even includes full color throughout, 400 photographs and illustrations, and searchable access to the text online at expertconsult.com. Comprehensive yet readable, this resource packs everything you need in patient evaluation and management to achieve optimal results.

  • Covers the medical, pharmacological, and surgical treatment of uveitis to serve as a complete overview of all uveitis related information.

Features multiple chapters on diagnostic approach to help you overcome challenges in making accurate diagnoses.

Provides additional information on inflammatory eye diseases in chapters on scleritis, masquerade syndromes, and the role of inflammation in other ocular diseases for more comprehensive coverage.

Includes illustrated case studies to supplement major clinical points and provide insight into real situations that you can apply in practice.

Highlights important information in key points boxes that make it easy to locate crucial points on each topic.

  • Includes access to the fully searchable text online at expertconsult.com.

Features significant updates to the chapters on the role of surgery in the patient with uveitis, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, anterior uveitis, white dot syndromes, and masquerade syndromes.

Covers advancements and new developments on all aspects of uveitis including new medical and surgical treatments.

Presents photographs in full color to better prepare you for actual clinical diagnosis.



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Ocular Inflammatory Disease and Uveitis Manual: Diagnosis and Treatment

Ocular Inflammatory Disease and Uveitis Manual: Diagnosis and Treatment
By John J. Huang
The Ocular Inflammatory Disease and Uveitis Manual is a practical, concise clinical reference for resident and practicing ophthalmologists and optometrists treating uveitis patients and an excellent review for the OKAP exam and ophthalmology and optometry boards. Designed for quick point-of-care reference, the book features numerous full-color photographs and bulleted how-to instructions for workup and treatment of each disorder. The state-of-the-art coverage of medical and surgical treatment includes drugs expected to be approved in 2010. The manual is organized into anterior, intermediate, and posterior disease, plus separate sections for corneal and sclera inflammation and infection masquerading syndromes. All topics are further divided into autoimmune and infectious sections, for quick lookup of a disorder.
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis

Thanks to Dr. Giraldo
Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis
By C. Stephen Foster MD, Albert T. Vitale MD, Barton D. Schmitt, Pomerantz, Movsas, Brooks, Rustgi

Product Description:
This comprehensive volume presents both immunologic fundamentals as they relate to uveitis and the practical approach to the treatment of these diseases. Dr. Foster is the leader in the aggressive medical management of ocular inflammatory diseases, and the book reflects 25 years’ experience in the world’s busiest uveitis clinic. With contributions from 60 international specialists, this new title provides encyclopedic coverage of basic science, diagnosis, and clinical management, as well as thorough discussions of ocular inflammatory diseases in all regions of the world.

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