American Academy Of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2007 Annual Meeting DVD

American Academy Of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2007 Annual Meeting DVD

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Management of Complications in Refractive Surgery

book Description

The diversity of procedures that characterize modern refractive surgery makes it, both for the beginner and the experienced surgeon, necessary to have well established guidelines to face refractive complications. This lavishly illustrated guide is written by international opinion leaders with extensive experience in the practice of refractive surgery. It offers the reader practical pearls to the solution and prevention of the different complications of corneal and refractive surgery.

Complications covered include: Intraoperative complications, e.g. intraocular refractive surgery, femtosecond laser, LASIK and EPILASIK, refractive lens exchange, corneal refractive surgery, early post-operative complications and late post-operative complications.

All complications are described and lavishly illustrated from its pathogenesis to its treatment modalities. It provides ophthalmic surgeons with the most adequate solutions for the most frequent problems they face in their daily practice.

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