Free Radicals in Ophthalmic Disorders

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Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron in the outer shell or an electron that was damaged from either attack or from a poor splitting bond. After a free radical is formed they will continue to attack other molecules, which usually results in the damage of tissue or destruction of a healthy cell. Free radicals arise normally through metabolism, however sometimes the body’s immune system will create them on purpose to neutralize viruses and bacteria. Free radicals are implicates in many ophthalmic disorders including uveitis, optic nerve damage, retinal ischemia, and macular degeneration. Free Radicals in Ophthalmic Disorderspresents the most current knowledge pertaining to the role of free radicals/oxidants in ocular disorders, and the use of antioxidants in the prevention of these disorders

Written by today’s leading ocular scientists and clinicians Free Radicals in Ophthalmic Disorders


  • Gives comprehensive coverage of the role of free radicals/oxidants in ocular disorders
  • Covers the use of antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress and ocular tissue damage
  • Examines external factors that may result in the stimulation and heightened occurrence of free radicals/oxidants
  • Is written by today’s leading scientists and ophthalmologists


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Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Addressing a major condition affecting millions worldwide, this source compiles the most practical and groundbreaking research on the etiology, assessment, and treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). With full-color illustrations throughout, this reference explores research advancements that have resulted in novel therapies that offer sight saving, less destructive forms of treatment for exudative AMD, as well as strategies to prevent the progression of non-exudative AMD. With several new chapters and expansive amount of section updates, this source supplies the latest studies on the pathophysiology and epidemiology of AMD, imaging techniques (OCT, quantitative angiography and autofluorescence), medical and surgical therapies, experimental treatments and visual rehabilitation. Age-Relatated Macular Degeneration also summarizes studies from current clinical trials to remain the gold standard in the provision of care for patients with this disabling disorder
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