Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology 1e

Jack J. Kanski MD MS FRCS FRCOphth (Author)

Book Description
Publication Date: June 28, 2006 | ISBN-10: 0323037615 | ISBN-13: 978-0323037617
One of ophthalmology’s most respected authors, Dr. Jack Kanski, presents a spectrum of clinical signs for each condition in this brand-new diagnostic atlas. Covers virtually every ocular disease, with particular focus on systemic disorders to help readers diagnose a wealth of ophthalmic conditions. Discussions emphasize variations in the appearance and evolution of disease processes…from the trivial to the severe. Uniquely organized by anatomical region, this concise, user-friendly reference is an outstanding aid to clinical decision making. Over 2,800 full-color images, many original to Dr. Kanski’s private collection and never before published, depict nearly all disease conditions encountered in practice. Illustrations are enhanced by accompanying text-concise, bullet-pointed summaries that are ideal for easy reference. This reference also includes a CD-ROM containing all of the images from the text, available for download into electronic presentations.

Serves as a complete diagnostic guide of ophthalmic disease.
Features over 2,800 full-color clinical photographs, many original to Dr. Kanski’s private collection.
Includes a CD-ROM containing all of the images from the text-suitable to download for electronic presentations.
Provides concisely written, easy-to-read, templated chapters.
Offers many angiograms, radiographs, and scans that emphasis pathological processes.
Organizes topics logically-by anatomic region-starting with the front of the eye and progressing through to the retina, to make information easy to find.
Represents the ideal guide for comparison to the full range of conditions seen in practice, or for certification/recertification review.

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Pearls and Pitfalls in Cosmetic Oculoplastic Surgery

By Morris Hartstein, John Holds, Guy G. Massry

Product Description:

A “Clinical Pearl” is shorthand for that critical nugget of information that makes a procedure or a treatment option or therapeutic agent more effective, more efficient, and produces the best possible outcome. A pearl is essentially “off-label”. In surgical specialties, these pearls are even more important because knowing how to avoid complications is better for the patient and the physician. With this book, ophthalmologists and cosmetic surgeons can become more skilled and increase their numbers of successful outcomes.

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Rapid Diagnosis in Ophthalmology Series: Neuro-Ophthalmology

Rapid Diagnosis in Ophthalmology Series: Neuro-Ophthalmology
Product Description:

This title in the Rapid Diagnosis in Ophthalmology Series presents a wealth of full-color images – along with differential diagnoses – in side-by-side page layouts to assist you in identifying a full range of neuro-ophthalmic disorders. A templated format expedites access to the guidance you need to diagnose the most common conditions related to Neuro-Ophthalmology – from simple to complex – encountered in practice.


  • Coverage of cutting-edge topics including transient visual loss, congenital and acquired optic neuropathies, chiasmal and retrochiasmal vision disorders, nystagmus, and many more, help you keep your knowledge up to date.
  • Hundreds of full-color images present conditions as they present in real life.
  • Common diagnostic pitfalls discuss what to look out for when making a difficult diagnosis.
  • A templated, color-coded layout and differential diagnosis boxes for each condition help you make quick, accurate clinical decisions.
  • A focus on the most common conditions encountered in practice allows you to efficiently formulate treatment plans and referrals.


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The Eye: Basic Sciences in Practice

The Eye: Basic Sciences in Practice
John V. Forrester MB ChB FRCS(ed) FRCS(Glasg) FRCOphth FRCP FMedSci FRSE (Author), Andrew D. Dick BSc MB BS MD FRCP FRCS FRCOphth FMedSci (Author), Paul G. McMenamin BSc(Hons) MSc(Med Sci) PhD (Author), William R. Lee CBE (Author), Andrew Dick (Author), Paul McMenamin (Author), William Lee (Author)

Book description
This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. A concise textbook of basic science for trainees and residents in ophthalmology.

• The only all-embracing textbook of basic science suitable for trainee ophthalmologists – other books concentrate on the individual areas such as anatomy.
• Attractive page design with clear, colour diagrams and text boxes make this a much more accessible book to learn from than many postgraduate textbooks.
• Presents in a readable form an account of all the basic sciences necessary for an understanding of the eye – anatomy, embryology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, immunology, microbiology and infection and pathology.

• More on molecular pathology.
• Thorough updating of the sections on pathology, immunology, pharmacology and immunology.
• Revision of all other chapters.
• More colour illustrations.

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Anterior Segment Diseases (Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology)

Arturo Perez Arteaga (Author) , Ashok Sharma  (Author)

The latest guidelines for diagnosing and treating corneal diseases

This well-illustrated full-color reference provides the latest guidelines for diagnosing and treating corneal diseases.


  • Full-color presentation with numerous illustrations
  • Provides complete updated information on all types of anterior segment diseases
  • With in-depth focus, the authors concentrate on vital areas of the surface abnormalities, including pathology of tear film, disease of conjunctiva, eyelids, and tumors
  • Presents updated guidelines to establish instant and correct clinical diagnosis for proper and timely treatment of corneal diseases
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Refractive Surgery (Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology)

Frank Goes (Author), Jerome Bovet (Author), Bojan Pajic (Author), Yan Wang (Author), Belquiz Nassaralla (Author)



Full-color coverage of the latest strategies and techniques in refractive surgery

Part of the Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology series, this full-color, quick reference guide discusses the latest strategies and techniques in refractive surgery.


Numerous full-color photographs, drawings, and algorithms

Quick-scan bulleted text

Covers key issues such as photorefractive keratectomy for high myopia, lasik complications and their management, the physiology of refractive errors, and the clinical examinations based on ancillary instrumental exams

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Lecture Notes Ophthalmology

Bruce James (Author), Anthony Bron (Author)

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Ophthalmology Lecture Notes concentrates on the most common eye problems that health practitioners are expected to diagnose and manage.

The book begins with a brief introduction to ocular anatomy and eye examination, and then focuses on core conditions in ophthalmology. The highly structured text includes self assessment material at the end of each chapter, as well as a series of clinical cases at the end of the book – all designed to facilitate easy access to information, making the book an ideal resource for both study and revision, while the brand new companion website at features all of the book’s illustrations and images.

Whether you need to develop your knowledge for clinical practice, or refresh that knowledge in the run up to examinations, Ophthalmology Lecture Notes will help foster a systematic approach to the clinical situation for all medical students and hospital doctors.

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Clinical Strabismus Management: Principles and Surgical Techniques, 1e

Arthur L. Rosenbaum MD (Author), Alvina Pauline Santiago MD (Author)


Introducing a text that provides guidance for the clinician in the assessment and management of all forms of strabismus in both adults and children. Focusing on clinical management, this text puts into perspective modern diagnostic tests, and discusses the range of treatments available once a case of strabismus has been evaluated.

Covers both standard and innovative surgical techniques through the use of color intraoperative photographs. Also discusses principles of surgical management and the different surgical procedures commonly used in the management of these complex problems.

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Phacodynamics: Mastering the Tools and Techniques of Phacoemulsification Surgery

A Gift From Our friend H. Pham.

Phacodynamics: Mastering the Tools and Techniques of Phacoemulsification Surgery

Product Description

What surgical advancements have spawned from the evolution of phaco technology? Join the thousands of surgeons who have utilized Phacodynamics: Mastering the Tools and Techniques of Phacoemulsification Surgery to understand and benefit from the advantages of phaco technology.

The revised, expanded, and updated Fourth Edition of this classic text includes over 300 simple, yet elegant, figures and illustrations detailing the latest machine technologies and surgical techniques. Visual learners…

In addition to examining the intricate relationship between the surgeon and the phaco machine, Dr. Barry Seibel profiles how the most recent advancements in machine technology can enhance your surgical procedures and optimize your results. With schematic figures and illustrations to accompany the detailed descriptions, surgeons can readily identify and distinguish between various flow pumps, vacuum pumps, and ultrasound power modulations. Surgery can then be customized moment by moment for each individual patient to maximize safety and efficacy.

Phacodynamics, Fourth Edition utilizes a simplified approach to explain all the latest advancements in phaco technology and surgery and should be in the hands of all surgeons practicing in this specialized area.

New topics included that are unique to this Fourth Edition:

  • Bimanual Microincision Phaco
  • Ultrasound Power Modulations including Burst and Pulse Modes
  • AquaLase and Laser Surgical Technologies
  • Expanded Horizontal Chopping Techniques including PreChop
  • Vertical Chopping Techniques and Instrumentation
  • Bimanual Irrigation and Aspiration
  • Phacodynamic Complications
  • Phacodynamics of Surgical Instrument Design
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Glaucoma Surgery (Developments in Ophthalmology)


P. Bettin (Editor), P.T. Khaw (Editor), F. Bandello (Series Editor)


Book Description

Publication Date: April 30, 2012 | ISBN-10: 3805599374 | ISBN-13: 978-3805599375 | Edition: 1

In this volume of Developments in Ophthalmology, a panel of renowned glaucoma surgeons reports its findings and the updated evidence-based literature data on indications, outcomes, pearls and pitfalls of techniques in which they all have an undisputable ‘hands-on’ everyday experience. The publication begins with chapters on conventional procedures, i.e. trabeculectomy (still the gold standard), deep sclerectomy, and glaucoma drainage device implantation explicitly focusing on postoperative management. The role of the ocular surface in glaucoma surgery and the issue of wound healing and its modulation through antimetabolites are further discussed. In the second part, the attention shifts to new techniques which still have a marginal role, but are promising for particular indications. In the last part, the greatest challenges of glaucoma surgery such as the surgical approach to angle closure, concomitant glaucoma and cataract as well as pediatric glaucoma are discussed in detail. Finally, the last chapter is dedicated to cyclodestructive techniques. This volume is recommended to glaucoma surgeons and glaucoma specialists seeking information on the best therapy for their patients, but also to general ophthalmologists who refer their patients for surgery or follow them up afterwards.

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A Colour Atlas of Optic Disc Abnormalities

by Erna E. Kritzinger (Author) , Heather M. Beaumont (Author)



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Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus 4e

Creig S. Hoyt MD MA (Author), David Taylor MD FRCS FRCP FRCOphth DSc(med) (Author)

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus is your one-stop source for comprehensive coverage of all the pediatric ophthalmic conditions you are likely to encounter in practice. Extensively updated with expert contributions from leaders in the field and now featuring online instructional videos, this ophthalmology reference delivers all the state-of-the-art guidance you need to effectively diagnose and manage even the most challenging eye diseases and disorders seen in children.

  •  Take a holistic approach to patient management that considers the family and ensures optimal doctor-patient relationships.
  •  Get a balanced view of etiology, diagnosis, and management, and access unique guidance on the practical problems encountered in real-life clinical cases.
  •  Impresses the importance of systemic disease in diagnosis and management.
  •  Apply all the latest clinical advances through updated coverage of strabismus diagnosis, management and complications; retinal dystrophies; imaging & investigation; AIDS in children; developmental biology; cerebral visual impairment; child abuse; severe developmental glaucoma; and corneal dystrophies.
  •  Get rich visual guidance in diagnosis and management from over 1,700 full-color illustrations.
  •  Access advice from the experts with contributions from several new top researchers and clinicians.
  •  Find the answers you need quickly and easily through a consistent chapter organization and highly accessible clinical information.
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Epidemiology of Ocular Tumors in Children and Adults

Tamara T. Mouratova (Author)

This book is a concise guide to the epidemiology of ocular tumours. Beginning with the classification and pathology of ocular tumours, the following sections discuss the most common benign and malignant tumours in both children and adults. Each section examines the wide spectrum of factors, including age, gender and environment; that impact the development and incidence of ocular tumours, and mortality and survival rates; in different geographical areas worldwide. Key points * Concise guide to epidemiology of ocular tumours in children and adults * Discusses most common malignant and benign tumours * Examines human and environmental factors impacting incidence, development, mortality and survival rates of ocular tumours * Discusses variations in different geographical regions

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Smith and Nesi’s Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Smith and Nesi’s Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery [Hardcover]
Evan H. Black (Editor), Frank A. Nesi (Editor), Geoffrey J. Gladstone (Editor), Mark R. Levine (Editor), Christopher J. Calvano (Editor)

Book Description
Publication Date: March 31, 2012 | ISBN-10: 1461409705 | ISBN-13: 978-1461409700 | Edition: 3rd ed. 2012
Smith and Nesi’s Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Third Edition has taken the best of the field’s classic reference text and expanded upon it, continuing its reputation as the foremost guide to the subspecialty. Every practitioner of plastic and reconstructive surgery will find useful information in this comprehensive, in-depth text, including an update on the changes and advances of the last several years and a new section on pediatric consideration. Detailed chapters on ophthalmic anatomy are also included, as well as sections on eyelid dermatology, socket surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Every consideration has been made by Dr. Nesi and his co-editors to cover every aspect important to the ophthalmic plastic surgeon. Features: Fully updated and revised edition of Smith’s Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Comprehensive text with detailed chapters that cover all aspects of the subject matter More than 1700 figures and 77 chapters

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Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Refractive Surgery

Garg (Author)

Covers all types of surgical techniques available in respective sub- specialty at international level. Quick look reference book for ophthalmologists to sharpen their surgical skills. Vast collection of surgical techniques of basic as well as advanced procedures. Surgical techniques include step-by-step details in a easy-to-read format. Serve as ready reference of excellent ophthalmic surgeries shown by international masters. Includes comprehensive tips on the efficient use of various surgical techniques. Provides clinical overviews of the state-of-the-art ophthalmic surgeries with strong practical orientation. An indispensable surgical techniques series for day-to-day clinical practice. Section I: Corneal Refractive Surgery, Section II: Complications Management in Corneal Refractive Surgery, Section III: Lenticular Refractive Surgery, Section IV: Recent Advances in Refractive Surgery.

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The Fine Art of Prescribing Glasses Without Making a Spectacle of Yourself

The Fine Art of Prescribing Glasses Without Making a Spectacle of Yourself
Benjamin Milder (Author), Melvin L. Rubin (Author)


Book Description
Publication Date: April 30, 2004 | ISBN-10: 0937404667 | ISBN-13: 978-0937404669 | Edition: 3
Washington Univ. School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO. Completely updated, this edition features many new clinical cases, elaborations on the refractive implications of modern refractive surgery, and descriptions of some of the new plastics for contact and spectacle lenses.

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Ophthalmology and the Ageing Society (Essentials in Ophthalmology)

Ophthalmology and the Ageing Society (Essentials in Ophthalmology)
Hendrik P.N. Scholl (Editor), Robert W. Massof (Editor), Sheila West (Editor)


The ageing of the world’s population is one of the major achievements of modern society. By 2050, an estimated 2 billion people will be aged 60 years or over. However, ageing poses major challenges and this is especially true for the field of ophthalmology, given that the major eye diseases – age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract – predominantly affect the elderly. The challenges facing ophthalmology in an ageing society have not previously been addressed in a comprehensive way, although there are common denominators of the various eye diseases that affect the elderly. This book provides such a comprehensive overview encompassing epidemiology, risk factors, current treatment and prophylaxis, disability, co-morbidity, and the impact on quality of life. World leaders in their respective fields provide state-of-the-art knowledge on the geriatric aspects of ophthalmology that will help to improve the management of this growing patient population.

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