Femtosecond Laser: Techniques and Technology


Femtosecond Laser: Techniques and Technology, the first of its kind in world ophthalmology provides complete insight of this technology in various ocular indications. Latest innovation Femtosecond Laser offers new possibilities in the field of minimally invasive corneal surgery. It has proved its versatility in Lamellar keratoplasty, customized trephination in penetrating keratoplasty, tunnel creation for intracorneal ring segments, astigmatic keratotomy for keratoprostheses, non-invasive transscleral glaucoma surgery, retinal imaging presbyopic surgery and cataract surgery. The international experts of this field from USA, Europe and Asia have covered the present and futuristic uses of this technology in ophthalmology in a step-by-step and lucid manner. Panoramic view of biophysics of femtosecond laser, procedures and future technology for the different diseases of ophthalmology with more than 200 coloured illustrations and images. The possible uses of Femtosecond Laser in anterior and posterior segment indications of ophthalmology have been explained for the benefits of ophthalmologists worldwide. This book provides real-world examples of various surgical procedure using Femtosecond Laser surgeries. The book shall serve as a relatively concise yet complete resource of Femtosecond Laser for the academic and management in the new healthcare era in ophthalmology and cataract surgeons.

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Stem Cells in Ophthalmology


Stem Cells in Ophthalmologydescribes a wide range of therapeutic applications of stem cells in ophthalmological treatments. This book is written and edited by distinguished international authors, who have drawn heavily on their in-depth academic knowledge, practical experience and research.
Comprised of 17 chapters, the book initially covers basic stem cell biology and immunity, proceeding to detail the use of stem cell therapy to regenerate all the structures of the visual system and ocular adnexa. Immunologic factors, such as antigen identification and functional rejection pathways are discussed in detail. The book also details practice of translational medicine and facilities, and governmental requirements needed to establish an ocular stem cell program.
Stem Cells in Ophthalmologygives extensive coverage to the regenerative use of stem cells in ophthalmology. Enhanced by 84 colour images and illustrations, this is an essential resource for ophthalmologists and stem cell therapists.
Key Features
84 full colour images and illustrations
Covers all structures of the visual system in detail
Edited by pan-American team of ophthalmology experts from Argentina, USA and Brazil

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